Important Information

Amusia is a condition whereby affected individuals are unable to understand or make sense of music. We conduct large scale Listening Tests for Amusia via method of live music concert simulation. Environmental realism is essential to ensure the potency of materials during the stimulus transmission / subject aquisition process. As such our standard practice involves using a live music venue for for these exersises. The next venue to be appropriated for the operation is Stein Bierkeller / Tokyo Project, Oldham.

For Listening Test 4A we will be utilising the materials of 1970's outfit Chicory Tip on what marks the 45th anniversary of their third week at number one in the UK music charts. The hit single "Son Of My Father" is greatly revered amongst football fans, synthesizer music fans, and people over 60 years old. These historical materials, remarkably well preserved (stimulus contains two original members), are to be celebrated in a wholly valid manner in order to legally coerce a high number of willing subjects to the Listening Test.

Subjects are then exposed to an extremly wide range of highly contrasting experimental and borderline materials in order to generate the the necessary conjecture between conflicting auditory trends for study. Our ludicrously overt use of The Piccadilly Rats, stimulus known as much for their city center "cult" street performances as well as certain members recurrent reality TV appearances on X-Factor, Britains Got Talent, Judge Rinder and Jeremy Kyle, partly reveal why the Amusia Listening Test has been referred to as the Large Hadron Collider of music psychology.

Tickets are available online from Skiddle.com, and in person from Stein Bierkeller - Oldham, and The Bank Top Tavern.

Listening Test 4A

Saturday 4th March 2pm - 2am

Stein Bierkeller / Tokyo Project a world famous international nightspot, is situated at 57 Roscoe St, Oldham. Some of the walls of this venue have been padded for safety reasons.

We want participants to be as comfortable as possible during the testing. The use of alcohol is advised. The use of illegal substances is not permissible due to the likelihood of interference with test results. Cake will be available at this event.

DR Jeff Grainger will be DRing (disc referencing) between and after tests. His expertise of what we call "borderline materials" is regarded as peerless.

These listening tests will use fringe and experimental music to detect varying degrees and factors of Amusia within the subject group. Some of the materials for this Listening Test will definitely be considered inappropriate or ridiculous.
Listener discretion is strongly advised. We cannot say this enough. This is a listening Test, not a music concert.